A Broken Promise

George and Grace Goodrich looked forward to his retirement, and enjoying the rest of their lives together. He arranges with the travel agency for tickets to go to Paris, France two months after his retirement luncheon to make up for the honeymoon they couldn’t afford when they married.

The Fortunate Child

It was a long, sometimes devastating, journey Maxine was forced to undertake through the depths of despair as a preschooler, and then on through a tumultuous adolescence during which she was ignored yet at the same time abused by a un-caring mother who daily left her with a malevolent grandmother who similarly mistreated her.
Instructed by her divorced mother to no longer call her Mama,in an effort to enhance her own marketability as a perspective wife to some unsuspecting man.

Voyage of the pink row boat...

Voyage of the Pink Row Boat and Philosophy of Flight of the Arrow is a two-act music drama. This music drama is based on the legendary fables passed down by history. Paul was twelve years of age and David was ten years of age when he shot the arrow over Paul’s head into a pine tree. This children’s music drama is nonfiction.

Field Philosophy

Ultimate Identity Explanatory Of The Cosmos. Ultimate Armadillo Cartoons outline The Famous literature “If you Sighted a marage in the desert what would you do with it?”

Faire of Literature, Cartoons......

A contribution of a blue print in common building block in chemistry and Quantum Gravity of hidden dimensions of M Theory.


Muhammad was born in 570, and died on June 8th, 632). He was a trader, later becoming a religious, political, and military leader. However, Muslims regard him as the last messenger of God, through which the Qur’an was revealed. Muslims view Muhammad as the restorer of the original uncorrupted monotheistic faith of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets.

A Place For You, The End Of Days

The book while it is about avision i saw is also an extension of what was and is and will be. It tells of the Place Jesus said he was preparing for you. It like everything he was telling us is for the individual, not the social group or geographic area but a place for us to be able to withstand all of the terrible things that are to come. individually not as a group where you rely on what others say.

The End of a Beginning

A parable concerning love and integrity, infidelity and death, soon afterward devastation the forerunner for a new life. Revolving to show a fable of heart-wrenching determination.

Come And See

Come and see is a book that contains the important things I was immediately aware of after my spiritual journey. It contains much of what became apparent to me. There was a deeper more extensive understanding that continues to reveal itself in vision.


Beginning with the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the North Philadelphia neighborhood of Logan experienced a massive change and shifting population.

Meeting Mrs. Monarch, the Butterfly

Yes, I would like to go on the journey with you Mrs. Monarch she asked me to go with her through her five stages of molting.


Improvise is an adventure story about Sonny Scroggins, a scuba driver instructor, whose peaceful life was changed by trials, mysteries, and tribulations after a high school friend asked him to help in a rescue mission of a fellow employee.

The Gospel Of The God Of Existence

The book is about existence and the purpose for which human beings were created. The book gives us the purpose of being in this little world.

The Six Sisters

A complex novel of love, family, and secrets.

This is the story of six sisters, their troubled past, the heartbreaking secrets they kept hidden, and a sequence of events that affected the sisters and the next generation.

A Beginning After The End

Departing a tumultuous endeavor!

Having an instance of perpetually attempting to lay to rest an unfair saga. Yet as circumstance allow he was not sure it may come to pass!

Jerusalem and the Holy Land

Make your journey to the holy land a richer experience. This book introduces the reader to the area, it’s history and its people, while providing invaluable information on traditional pilgrimage sites.

Knowing what to expect in the Holy Land will help you get the most out of your journey.

The Declaration of Interdependence

Joy Ibsen now lives in sunny, urban Albuquerque, New Mexico, after moving in 2018 from Michigan’ Upper Peninsula where she and her husband, Don Lenef, lived on the shores of Lake Superior next to Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. They previously resided in Trout Creek, Michigan, and Oak Park and Evanston, Illinois.

Ibsen has published several other books: UNAFRAID, Here and Hereafter, the Eternity Connection, Songs of Denmark, Songs to Live By; and Poetry in the Porcupines. UNAFRAID II, the second edition, is coming out shortly with 12 new chapters which take place in 2021 during the pandemic! 

Joy’s work is infused with Danish-American culture, values and spirit-particularly the work of N.F.S. Grundtvig the Danish theologian, educator, politician, hymn writer, poet and politician. For 14 years she edited the periodical Church and Life,  which features the philosophy and theology of Grundtvig. Joy spent two months in Denmark, studying Grundtvig’s relevance to modern life by interviewing 32 Danish citizens. 

God's Gracious Glory

This book contains poetry and some lovely photographs. The poems are about God, family, friends and animals. These poems are uplifting and spiritual in nature. This book will inspire readers and help them see that there is hope even after much misfortune in life. The poems and photos will encourage one to believe in God and the true beauty of nature and life itself!

This book is a must for all animal lovers!

I Have No Time For Cancer

This book describes the 1 year+ adventure of the most interesting or humorous happenings as a single working mom with breast cancer. My objective when writing was to appeal to other cancer patients and their families and to hopefully bring them entertainment at the expense of my (temporary) bad luck through the process.


My book Raw is about self-reflection and embracing the inner-self. I tell a story about my life through each poem- sharing my personal experiences when dealing with grief, love, happiness and sadness. I immediately found great comfort and healing by writing poems after the sudden death of my father on October 10, 2021. I hope that my poems will inspire others to look within themselves and share their own stories.

Coming Up


Introducing Meeting Mrs. Monarch, the Butterfly
By Minnie Fulton

The Gospel Of The God Of Existence Book Cover


The Gospel Of The God Of Existence Book Cover



A Beginning After The End Book Cover



The End Of A Beginning Book Cover

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