Media Literary Excellence

What to know about MLE?

  • Professional book editing
  • Award winning design teams.
  • Worldwide digital and physical book distribution
  • Customized press release
  • Highest paying royalty structure in the publishing industry
  • has the biggest distribution partners available.
  • also finds niche bookstores to reach their namesake audience.
  • Offer promotional opportunities that are unmatched with any other publisher in this industry.
  • has qualified editors, typesetters, illustrators, cover designers and publicity experts.
  • Reviews receive a comprehensive review for grammatical, organizational, spelling and word usage by a professional editor before it’s published.
  • Page Layout Artists will creatively design the pages of your book using elements of typographical style to ensure a well-designed final product.
  • Illustrators can provide a variety of styles and colors for any book.
  • A Cover Designer produces a unique custom eye-catching cover for every book.
  • professionally prints every book on premium paper with a full-color glossy cover and “perfect” binding.
  • even produces an eBook edition with every author’s printed book.
  • Both printed and E-book are then made available to the public via worldwide distribution channels.

There is no such thing as too many books


Media Literary Excellence