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If you want your self-published book to be successful, you’ll need a marketing strategy. Our Marketing Consultants can help you decide which of our many marketing services is best for your genre, personal goals, and marketing requirements.

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Press Release

Press Release to over 250 Media Outlets

A compelling way to create media awareness and gain media exposure. A press release is the most effective and accepted means of achieving media exposure.

Press releases are succinct and informative articles sent to media personnel that reveal a newsworthy story. Members of the media rely upon the press releases that cross their desks every day to fill out every column inch and every broadcast second.

A well-written and well-timed press release will motivate members of the press to cover your story, affording you the opportunity to reach hundreds, if not thousands of potential readers. And when this audience takes an interest in your story, they will act on their desire to learn more and purchase your book.

The Press Release Campaign will create an original and compelling press release that will command media attention. Our professional copywriters are well versed in the journalistic style and tone necessary to achieve results. We will generate a unique list of media who are likely to respond to your press release’s message. When your release goes out, we will act as the primary media contact, forwarding interview requests to you and fulfilling review copy orders at no charge to you or the media.

TAT: 7-10 Business days upon submission to our content writers

Selling Points

  • Access to a wider audience It is an opportunity to tell your story, it may not be breaking news, but it is an opportunity to get coverage in trade journals, local newspapers and magazines, blogs, or other publications relevant to your book.
  • It’s cheap publicity Did we say it’s cheap? It’s inexpensive in comparison to other forms of advertising.
  • The article will talk about what makes your book unique, and how it will stand out from the competition. This will include links to where they can purchase copies of your book and point-of-contact for appearances and interviews.
  • It will be indexed in Google, it and be uploaded to these media outlets’ websites permanently if they release the article that we created.

Bookstore Placement Campaign

“This is a comprehensive approach to promoting self-published books in physical bookstores.

We will create a customized pitch deck, present it to our network of bookstore partners, provide campaign updates, and ensure documentation of bookstore displays.”

The author’s book will be displayed in 3 different physical bookstores around the US.

Fulfillment and TAT

  • Submission
    After the marketing team receives the endorsement form, the author will receive the service introduction within 24 hours, requiring only the book title and ISBN. Additionally, the BPC form needs to be filled out.
  • Pitch Desk Creation
    We will start creating the pitch letter after the FULL PAYMENT of the service.
  • Bookstore Pitch
    – Immediately after the pitch creation, we will launch the campaign all over the US. We have a personalized and tailored approach to every bookstore.TAT: 30-60 Days
  • Updating
    – After the initial 20 days from the campaign launch, we will send the author and email update outlining the progress of our bookstore outreach.
    Furthermore, another update will be sent to the author after the 40th day of the campaign, and a final update after 60 days.

Fulfillment Report

As soon as a bookstore accepts the book for display, we will promptly capture photos. Depending on when the book is accepted I f for display, we’ll send the photo during the 1st, 2nd, and final updates. The name of the bookstore, city and state will also be given to the author.


  1. Can the author give input or edit the pitch? No. The pitch is expertly created based on our experience and is assured of its effectiveness.
  2. How many books need to be sent or displayed? 1 to 3 books initially to display. The number of copies will depend on the bookstore. We will process the order and the delivery to these bookstores.
  3. How long are the books on display in the bookstore? It varies. The duration of each display is out of your control. This will depend on each individual bookstore.
  4. Can the author choose which bookstore and where? No. However, the author can suggest. Please do not give guarantees to our authors. Each bookstore has a selection process and requirements we need to provide and abide by.
  5. Can the author visit the bookstores? Yes. Please note that some bookstores do not entertain individual author visits. As the distributor and representative, UR Link maintains a relationship with the bookstore.
  6. If the author wants to avail again, will the book be displayed in the same bookstores? No. The new service endorsement guarantees a new list of 3 bookstores to display an author’s book.

Barnes and Noble Book Placement Consideration

Endorsement/Pitch letter will be malled to B&N Corporate Office along with book information.

Endorsement letters will include the following:

  • What marketing efforts have been made and/or are being done for the book?
  • Why does the book stand out from the crowd?


  • B&N will not confirm or acknowledge receipt of malled materials. They will only contact you via email if more information is required.
  • There is NO guarantee in physical bookstore placement.

This is best accomplished AFTER all marketing services for UR Link published books have been established.

Authors of NON-UR Link published books will be asked:

  • What marketing efforts have been made or if there are any ongoing promotions for the book.
  • Is the book returnable (BRP)?
  • Details such as Publisher, Publishing Discount/ Group Code (can be asked from the printer), BISAC subj and audience code, Descriptive Content (includes synopsis, table of contents, chapter excerpt, author biography)
  • Submission of all acquired requirements will be done AFTER full payment of service.
  • Photo proof of mailed documents will be sent to the author.

Social Media Advertising Marketing or Silver + SMAM


  1. Guaranteed organic followers and likes.
  2. High impression count.
  3. Will be joining in different groups to help increase interest and brand awareness/book availability.
  4. Will reach out to a targeted audience.
  5. Social Media Publicists:
    – You will be assigned a social media publicist who will create content for your social media networks based on your input and will post on your behalf.
    – Your publicist will develop a comprehensive content strategy plan for your social media channels. That way you’ll know what to expect over the course of the x weeks and will have a direction for the future.
    – After your campaign ends, you will receive a final report of engagements and reach. Ideally, reports are sent 30 days after the end of the contract.
  6. Post Frequency:
    – Facebook – 2 to 3 times per week until the campaign ends.

    – Twitter and Instagram on official Urlink pages – 1 to 2 times per month.
For 1 and 2mo
SMAM Services
We will post on our official Facebook page or on author’s existing Facebook page (author will have to add assigned publicist as an Admin to his/her page.) assigned publicist will be determined by MFO.
3 months above
SMAM Services
A personal Facebook page will be created by the author’s assigned publicist.
If au has existing
TW and IG Accounts
MLE posts will tag au’s existing TW and IG accounts. Au must provide their userID’s/@’s

Why is social media important?

Social media, if handled correctly, has been known to help authors create a buzz for their book; strengthen their author brand; grow a national and/or international readership; generate book sales; increase visibility in search engines; and more… But let’s face it, not everyone has the time, knowledge, or desire to use social media for book marketing. And even those authors who are computer/social media savvy might want some help from a professional. That’s where the services of a Social Media Publicist come in… Your assigned Social Media Publicist will set up social media accounts for you and your book(s) and manage marketing campaigns on those accounts. The social media sites the publicist will use to market your book are:


  • Facebook: This is the #1 social network in the world. It consists of over 2 billion users. Approximately 75% of Facebook users log in to the site daily. Due to its structure, Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for engaging with others in meaningful ways.
  • Twitter: Twitter boasts over 315 million active users. 71% of those users say they use the Twitter app multiple times a day. The Twitter audience tends to be split evenly between male and female users, tends to have college degrees, and tends to have above-average incomes. It has 340 million tweets per day. URLink Publishing & Marketing Proposal.
  • Instagram: The leading photo-sharing app, owned and implemented by Facebook.

Pacific Book Review

A book reviewer that has earned the trust of many publishers, authors, literary agents, and the media. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned author, you will receive an unbiased assessment of your book from authorities in your respective literary genre. Your work will get the chance to be a featured book of the month or one of the top 5 reviews on PBR’s homepage. It is also automatically an entrant to the Pacific Book Awards. Founded in 2005, Pacific Book Awards accepts literary works of various genres and recognizes a book’s aesthetic appeal both in cover design and content.

note: if the book gets recognized as one of the finalists or winners, will give them a chance to Revise (one time) their Cover at no cost.


  • All reviews are written by carefully vetted, professional writers and critics from mainstream media publications or notable online websites; editors from respected publishing houses; or professionals who have demonstrated expertise in the subject matter of the book reviewer.
  • Receive a PDF tear sheet of your review between 400-600 words.
  • Review completed 5-7 weeks.
  • All reviews are professionally edited, ready for you to reprint on your marketing materials. Reviews are placed in our easily searched archives (we designed Pacific Book Review’s search options with the needs of both industry pros and self-publishers in mind).
  • All reviews feature links to authors’ websites.
  • All reviews have a link of the review on Amazon for the option to buy the book on Pacific Book Review.
  • All reviews have the option to become the featured book of the month on the homepage of Pacific Book Review for a full month.
  • All reviews have the option to be chosen for the top 5 picks for a full month on the homepage of Pacific Book Review.
  • All reviews feature free social network uploading and sharing links.
  • All books are considered equally for Starred reviews, rewarded to those books Pacific Book Review individual reviewers highly recommend. If your book receives a Starred review, the Star will accompany your review wherever the review appears on the site, including in the archives.
  • Our robust search function enables site users to search reviews by the author’s current residence; Author Platform; Notable Books (titles receiving Starred reviews and Pacific Book Awards); category and subcategory; and by title, author, and even keyword – all in an intuitive and friendly manner.
  • Pacific Book Review actively promotes our site and services to agents, publishers, librarians, booksellers, and readers. All Pacific Book Reviews are syndicated on Ingram’s jlage and Oasis databases (seen by 70,000 booksellers and librarians).
  • Authors have permission to reprint their reviews on all their marketing materials and book covers, in whole or in part (provided no words are changed, and Pacific Book Review is credited).
  • Authors may remove their review from the site at any time, by emailing us at

Email Blast Campaign - 1 Blast or 3 Blast

  • It will be sent to 2,000 recipients.
  • 1 blast per month only.
  • blast is per author (say if the author published more than 1 book with us, he/she can choose to include the second book for the email blasting).

Email marketing is the act of targeting consumers with a commercial message through email with the goal of driving sales, increasing customer loyalty, or communicating important information. It’s a form of direct marketing that, in the past, was commonly used to target mass groups of people. However, modern email marketing is based on the principles of consent, segmentation, and personalization.

Email Marketing is about informing, persuading, and winning the loyalty of a book buyer who’s interested in the author’s book. Marketing emails contain a specific call-to-action destined to generate sales or bring traffic to specific pages of the author’s site. It’s also a a powerful tool for creating a community.

Email isn’t a new technology. In fact, it was one of the very first means of digital communication to arrive on the scene back in 1971. But at almost 50 years old, email marketing is more widely used today than ever before.

One of the great things about email is its accessibility.

Email lets you reach a wide range of different audiences, including those who are not necessarily comfortable with using the internet. This makes it the most mainstream form of marketing.

As well as that, email marketing creates an opportunity to establish long-lasting relationships with the author’s potential book buyers.

Just look at this statistic:

  • According to the 2018 Inbox Report by Fluent, 80% of Americans check their email at least once per day, with nearly a quarter of them checking their personal email.

Not having an email marketing strategy means missing out on sales opportunities and the chance to strengthen the author’s ties with his/her book buyers.

This is a procedure by which a potential book buyer gives you their consent via an online form to collect and use their data.

The email newsletter is one of the most common types of email marketing that we usually use for our authors.

An email newsletter typically goes out at a set frequency, such as once a month. Typically, an email newsletter is text-heavy rather than full of images or design. Newsletters may include updates or news related to the author’s book, recent content that the author created, shorter-form published work, or something more creative. The purpose of a newsletter is to provide reliable content your readers can count on and to keep your upcoming books top of mind for your subscribers. Newsletters are a perfect form of email marketing for authors because they help them keep their email list engaged- even when they don’t have a new book out.

Authors of all genres have started taking advantage of all that email marketing can provide them. From horror writers, such as Stephen King to motivational speakers, like Rachel Hollis, authors know just how valuable an email newsletter is.

Here’s an example of Carl H Mitchell’s e-newsletter.

Website Creation Pro

  • 7 or more tabs (home, about, order, contact, events, gallery, blog, etc.)
  • Can include up to 3 books.
  • Animated Background
  • 10 Images only
  • 1-year Domain Name
  • 1 year of Web Hosting
  • Contact Form
  • Home (Landing Page)
  • Exclusive pages for each tab
  • Blog Ready
  • unlimited revisions provided that revisions come before the website launching.
  • SITELOCK: higher-level security, better filters, and more thorough scanning capabilities. better uptime and Internet visibility.

Basic Website Creation

4 tabs (home, about, order, contact)

  • Can include 1 book only.
  • Layout – one-pager
  • No animations
  • 2 Images only
  • 1-year Domain Name
  • 1 year of Web Hosting
  • Contact Form
  • unlimited revisions if revisions come before the website launching.
  • SITELOCK: higher-level security, better filters, and more thorough scanning capabilities. better uptime and Internet visibility.

The New York Times Marketing

The New York Times Sunday Book Review is the weekly paper-magazine supplement to the New York Times and is considered the nation’s most credible review of good literature. It houses the widely cited and influential New York Times Bestseller List and has been shaping reading and purchasing lists for generations. This insert appears in the Sunday edition of the New York Times, which boasts a circulation of 1.1 million and a readership of 4.6 million*.

Your New York Times Marketing package includes:

  • A single slot advertisement on New York Times Sunday Book Review (1 of 12). This ad will contain your book cover, book details, and a 30-word description.
  • A banner on the Books – Best Sellers section of the New York Times website for one month. The banner will link to Bookshelf must-haves landing page, which will include a listing of your book. It will include your book description, cover image and a link to buy.
  • A customized e-mail promoting your book. You’ll get a custom email that you can send to your mailing list.

Why advertise in the New York Times?

The New York Times offers clients access to an unsurpassed audience of affluent, influential consumers, and 91 million unique online visitors. Advertisers will also be able to see their ads in quality content environments and on a “brand halo”, meaning the reputation of the NYT rubs off on the ads seen in their publications. The New York Times brand has always been associated with credibility, trustworthiness, and prestige.

Benjie Cole Radio Interview

In the ever-evolving landscape of book marketing, authors must continually explore innovative methods to engage with their audience. As the world becomes increasingly digital, video and audio content has become a critical component of any comprehensive marketing strategy. Media Literary, a pioneer in author services, is taking this a step further by offering TV and radio interview services as part of their extensive marketing resource materials, granting authors the ability to utilize these recordings for future promotional endeavors.

A “Radio Interview with Benjie Cole” is a dynamic approach to connect with readers through the auditory medium. During this interview, authors can engage in a conversation with Benjie Cole, discussing their works, inspirations, and insights.

The benefits of a radio interview include Auditory Connection: It allows authors to establish a personal connection with their audience, sharing their passion and stories in their own voice. Wider Reach: Radio interviews offer access to a broad and diverse audience, expanding an author’s reach. Credibility: Being featured on a radio show lends credibility to an author’s work.

Book to Film Adaptation

Book to film adaptations is a powerful marketing tool for authors seeking to expand their reach and engage with a broader audience. Media Literary Excellence recognizes this and offers a comprehensive service that not only adapts books into films but also provides authors with a suite of marketing resource materials. With these materials, authors can effectively promote their works, maintain creative control, and ensure their stories reach the widest possible audience. Media Literary Excellence recognizes empowers authors to turn their literary dreams into cinematic realities and make an enduring impact on readers and moviegoers alike.

  • Step 1: Assessment
  • Step 2: Screenplay
  • Step 3: Pre- Production
  • Step 4: Movie Production
  • Step 5: Distribution
  • Step 6: Discover Film Festivals

This package is to be discussed with your consultant. Assessment for Film Adaptations is $1599.99


You, too, as a self-published author, can make use of audiobook format to reach a larger audience In this case, With an audiobook package, your readers can listen to your story whenever and wherever they want. They can now read your book while traveling. working out, or doing chores.

Literary Adaptation & Literary Agent Endorsement

Media Literary Excellence Adaptation Services and Query Letter Submission provide invaluable resources for authors seeking to navigate the challenging terrain of the publishing world. By offering these services and allowing authors to retain and reuse the materials, Media Literary Excellence becomes a steadfast ally in helping authors achieve their literary dreams. Authors can take comfort in knowing that Media Literary Excellence is there to support them, not just during the initial phases, but throughout their entire writing and publishing journey.

A literary agent endorsement in a query letter is a statement of support from a literary agent that is included in a query letter to a publisher or literary magazine. The endorsement serves as a recommendation from a trusted industry professional and can increase the author’s chances of getting published.

The endorsement may include details about the author’s writing ability, the commercial potential of their work, and any other relevant information that may help the publisher or magazine editor decide whether to publish the work. Literary agents typically have established relationships with publishers and editors, and their endorsement can carry weight in the decision-making process.

Including a literary agent endorsement in a query letter can be a powerful tool for authors looking to break into the publishing industry. However, it is important to note that securing a literary agent endorsement can be challenging and requires building a relationship with a literary agent who believes in your work.