ISBN (Paperback): 979-8893810189
Publication Date: April 15, 2024
Publisher: Media Literary Excellence LLC
Language: English

George and Grace Goodrich looked forward to his retirement, and enjoying the rest of their lives together. He arranges with the travel agency for tickets to go to Paris, France two months after his retirement luncheon to make up for the honeymoon they couldn’t afford when they married.

One day George mistakes Grace’s tube of anti-wrinkle cream for a tube of toothpaste. Often, he repeats himself. Suddenly, he decides to move out of their bedroom. Then the mail brings travel tickets…not to fly to Paris, but to see the “Hot-air Balloon Festival” in Alberquerque, New Mexico, his wife is upset and puzzled.

Grace realizes George’s behavior and actions need to be examined. The doctor advises her to place him in a gated facility for his own safety.