ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-958082-94-2
Publication Date: February 20, 2024
Publisher: Media Literary Excellence LLC
Language: English
PAGES: 108

Joyce Williams Graves is a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. More importantly, she’s a Christian. Joyce started a Bible ministryProject Blessingsin 2016 to purchase Bibles for others to share the good news and bless them all over the world. She and her husband, Glen, live in Fort Washington, Maryland, with their poodle, Energy.

Overall, the author presents a compelling and spiritually enriching exploration of forgiveness, underpinned by a deep reverence for biblical truths. Greater depth and relatability could be achieved through the inclusion of personal insights and experiences, enhancing the profound impact of the message on readers.

The author demonstrates an exceptional command of language and a skillful ability to convey intricate spiritual concepts with clarity and grace. The writing style embodies a harmonious blend of eloquence and accessibility, making profound biblical teachings on forgiveness comprehensible and deeply impactful to readers of varying backgrounds and beliefs.