Faire of Literature, Cartoons, Philosophy, Astronomy, Psychology, Quantum Field Theory in Topology/Classical Mechanics, Quantum Gravity, M Theory/Classical Physics (a true vacuum theory)


ISBN (Paperback): 979-8-89381-000-4
Publication Date: Feb 28, 2024
Publisher: Media Literary Excellence LLC
Language: English

A contribution of a blue print in common building block in chemistry and Quantum Gravity of hidden dimensions of M Theory. Renaissance in NATURAL PHILOSOPHY (study of animals) observable dog: MORAL PHILOSOPHY (ethical) observable classical mechanics in Topology phenomenon of a crystalline structure liquid drop model staircase invaluable identification of a FLAT MANIFOLD of a “plane” with the leap & spin and beauty that extends into observable Quantum Gravity from a true vacuum: METAPHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY (Abstruse) Continuous ‘FIELD OF ERROR PHENOMENON’ Quantum Gravity of the Hidden dimensions of a true vacuum theory to experiment: Contribution in Philosophy & Astronomy the written “Theory at LYRA” where my work is of Social & Humanistic merit among the Scientist Researchers in Great Britain, ENGLAND: Contribution in Psychology, optical illusion hypnosis of a Military deeply psychology computer game kit: Photo of Zeno’s “straight” arrow line, a draft drawing in cartoon form novel script; From the opera I wrote on Aristotle’s invisible lines: Contribution in Literacy in cartoon form of how to become a genius in literacy: