The Rings Of Sodom


ISBN (Paperback): 979-8-89381-042-4
Publication Date: May 24, 2024
Publisher: Media Literary Excellence LLC
Language: English
PAGES: 277

Ethan Trendeau, a concert pianist, and his partner, Shawn McAllister, an architect, leave their New York City apartment and buy a turn-of-the-century Victorian

house on the coast of Maine. It is located north of Portland and south of Bar Harbor.

Everyone refers to it as the ‘Haunted House’. After doing some research on the house, they find out it has a very strange history. Little did anyone realize how

strange until they discover a hidden room in the basement.

Hank Morris, a carpenter and plumber from town, helps them open a bricked-up doorway to the room. After removing the bricks, they enter the room and discover a

horrifying sight. None of them had any idea the Pandora’s Box they had just opened and the terror that was released.